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Meet the artist   Som Maitra,         creator of “Give me red studio”.

I'm a visual abstract/contemporary artist, illustrator based in Philadelphia.

My paintings explore the duality in which we exist - our inner lives and the ever changing world around us. My work is defined by bold brush, hand, fingers, anything with which marking is possible, pouring, scrapping, while the energy body is a fundamental inspiration.  I make use of accidental moments in this process to  explore ideas of control vs. chaos.

A lot of research goes in before I conceptualize the idea . I use design thinking and feeds from the art collectors &  the art experts & audience . 

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Unique artworks!!! If you are looking for that perfect one-off piece from an original artist, then look no further. Many of my artworks are for sale, all unique pieces. Come and browse my collection to see if you can find something that catches your eye – whether you’re looking for that big, bold statement piece or something to brighten up a room. You never know what you might find!

GiveMeRedStudio launches Artwearebles-original fine arts with a spoonful of inspiration.

It's just not something you will be wearing but a piece of conversation with many hues seen with an interesting lens. You will be the proud owner of one of a kind creation.


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